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Sigortam.net is the first consumer insurance comparison and sales platform via internet, mobile and customer contact center in Turkey and one of the first in the world.

Mustafa Erhan Say History of Sigortam.net

Sigortam.net was the idea Mr. Mustafa Erhan Say. Mr. Say is also the founder of Access Turkey and ILAB Holding that owns many prominent internet companies in Turkey. ILAB is one the first internet venture capital companies in Turkey owns or have invested in many internet companies such Sigortam.net, Kariyer.net, Gittigidiyor, Hangikredi, Cimri and Unnado. Accessturkey which is founded in 1999 is leading investment firm that has investment in ILAB as well as real estate and other industries.

Sigortam.net team was recruited with entrepreneurs and professionals from insurance, information technology and digital marketing background in 2000. The company received licenses from Turkish Treasury 6 months later in March 2001. And started comparing consumer insurance products and prices from leading Insurance companies in Turkey on May 8,2001. The fist online sale came on May 9,2001 and since that day foe the past 13 years the company has helped millions of consumers to receive the best price and coverage for their insurance needs.


The First Price Comparison Site In Turkey and One of The First In The World

Sigortam.net is the first consumer insurance comparison and sales platform in Turkey. It has provided online auto, health, homeowners, renter’s insurance quotes since its first day of operation in May 9, 2001. It has provided over 8MM comparison as of late 2013 and has served more than 1.7MM customers.

Today, there are many companies in UK and other parts of Europe that operates similar to Sigortam.net. UK market is the most sophisticated and the largest in Europe and even some of the leading companies in UK started providing online auto quotes a few years after Sigortam.net started in May,2001. With such a unique and distinguished history Sigortam.net is unique company not only in Turkey but also in continental Europe as rest of Europe has produced similar companies after 2007 and after. Considering that internet penetration and usage was not what it is today, it is remarkable what Sigortam.net achieved over the years. Today almost 50% of Turkish population has internet access and Turkey has 36MM plus internet users.

How Do We Provide Value For Our Customers?

Before Sigortam.net consumers and even members of Turkish insurance ecosystem had the shop around many insurance agents and venues to get prices of leading companies and compare products. It meant spending a lot of time trying to get the best coverage at the right price. For the past 13 years consumers can be confident they are getting the right product with a great deal. The quotes we get come instantly from the leading insurance companies and are the best price leading companies provide at that moment for that coverage. Through Sigortam.net, you can:

• Compare the prices and coverage of leading 20 or so providers. Find the right coverage at the right price and save money
• Get a quote in 2-3 minutes
• Buy your insurance policy from anywhere- your mobile device, from home, work or your summer vacation hotel
• Talk to our experts over the phone or via email and get your questions answered
• You can even get additional company quotes not available online( some company and products are not in online systems of insurance companies) by calling us at 4442400.
• After you buy your policy, you can get 7/24 service via our contact center and experts
• Save money at the time of renewal, have peace of mind, get the right policy at the best price.

Why Are We Asking So Many Questions?

There are about 30 companies operating in non-life insurance products. Each company has unique question that result in discounts or price changes at the consumer or group level. In order to get you the right product with the best price we are asking and adding questions that help you to see prices from more companies and cheaper.

What Is The Benefit of Buying From Sigortam.net?

As we mentioned above our mission is to save you money and give you peace of mind. We have 250 plus people working to help you find the best product at the best price. We provide 7/24 service to help you buy a policy when it is convenient for you as well whereever you are in the world. And we have experts to help you when you have questions at the time of incident or accident 7/24.

To date millions of onsumers used us to buy the right policy and know the best price. A few hundred thousand consumers bought directly from us. The more consumer choose us it helps us get you better prices and improve our services to meet your needs. As insurance broker our, we are impartial representative of the consumer and our mission is to help the end consumers needs.

Are The Quotes Received Instantly?

Yes, it will take you 2-3 minutes to enter all the information as soon as click the Get Your Quote now button, you will start getting quotes instantly.

ILAB Holding

Sigortam.net is part of the ILAB Holding. More than 50 million visits are done by consumers into our group of companies. However, we are a completely separate business and pride ourselves on impartiality and independence. As insurance broker our, we are impartial representative of the consumer and our mission is to help the end consumers find the best price for the right coverage.


Contact Us

Adress: Sigortam.net
Anel İş Merkezi Saray Mahallesi Site Yolu Sokak No:5 Kat: 2 34768 Ümraniye / İstanbul
E-mail: sigortam@sigortam.net
Phone: +90 216 636 56 56
Customer Service: 444 24 00


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